TSB, which is part of the Bagel group of companies, has optimized their production facilities in Mönchengladbach (rotogravure) and Meineweh (web offset) with Post Press systems from RIMA-SYSTEM. In Mönchengladbach the Post Press System behind the TR10B press has been completely modernized with new components. The log building centre has been replaced with a combined Post Press system for finished (stacks) and unfinished (logs) products.

Behind the two deliveries of the high-volume press waste is ejected through a central divert gate system. Then the products can either run through an RS 840 double-stream trimming line before being processed into perfect stacks by two RS 36S indexing stackers. Alternatively the products can bypass the trimming line to enter directly the two RS 610HS log stackers. Stacks as well as logs are safely placed on pallets by two RS 400 High-Speed palletizing robots.
Special attention has been paid to the very compact and space-saving design of the whole installation so the AGV which transport the pallets inside the factory are not influenced. By using the specially designed spiral, S- and C-conveyors, a unique product design by RIMA-SYSTEM, the safe transport of the products and full accessibility of all machines is guaranteed.

The web offset facility in Meineweh has ordered and installed a total of four RS 24S compensating stackers to replace existing machines, thus further increasing their productivity and competitiveness.