Robatech is expanding their automatic filling system RobaFeed with the GranulateContainer for clean storage and problem-free delivery of
hotmelt adhesive in granular form.


The white GranulateContainer ensures optimum storage of granular hot met adhesive in the production hall. It protects the adhesive from environmental influences that could result in granulate contamination or clumping, and from damaging UV radiation.

During delivery, the funnel shape of the GranulateContainer ensures granulate inflow. The intake lance is continuously supplied with granulate and thus ensures problem-free delivery of hotmelt adhesive. A jumper variant is available for very sticky granulate at high ambient temperatures. A pneumatic lifting plate installed in the floor of the GranulateContainer raises and lowers abruptly. The granulate is loosened and clumping avoided.

Learn about the innovation for clean & efficient delivery of hotmelt adhesive in granular form.